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More than 10,000 singles have used this step-by-step system to attract high quality matches
" I am excited by online dating and more than anything, I feel extremely positive about my chances of finding the kind of relationship I want to be part of, and I am enjoying the whole process."

Jenny | London


There AREN'T many great guys "out there".

But they do exist. And they're on every dating app and site you're using, waiting for you to find them.

But you won't. Because the truth is……

your perfect match won't match with you. Yet.

If you're not seeing high-quality matches, it's NOT because the men aren't on the site you're using ...

It's the way you've set up your profile.

How do I know this?

Because I've worked with the largest dating sites in the world including, Elite Singles and Single Solution, and I know how the algorithm works.

Dating apps don't know you're a funny, successful woman. They only have the information you've given to determine your matches. 

The photo of you at your friend's wedding, and a profile that says you “like to watch films” and "enjoy eating out”.

The dating app uses your data to allocate you a score. This score determines who shows up in your feed… and who gets to see you.

If you're not getting the matches you deserve, you need to change your score. And the only way to do that is to change the information you put in.

Because your perfect match IS on a dating app waiting for you.

But they’re busy sifting through a huge volume of messages from bad matches, and going on dates that feel like a complete waste of time.

Does this sound familiar?
You’re smart and successful in every other area of your life
But finding the man you want, a man who truly supports you and brings you everything you dream of seems to pass you by.
So now you’re on the dating apps...
And things are not working out as you had hoped.

CORPO: Alimentação e Fitness

You have to waste time sifting through messages from bad matches

VIDA: Prosperidade e Produtividade

You have to endure being ghosted after getting hopeful you’d matched with “a good one”

MENTE: Saúde Quântica

The only thing you get for your effort is a painfully awkward dinner date

"I’ve learnt how to stop guys from wasting my time, especially guys who are just looking for ‘one thing’ or simply don’t know what they want."

Nila | London

The dating apps give you some guidance when you join but...

What they don’t tell you is that if you get things wrong in the beginning, you’re penalised in the search.

If you:

  • Posted a casual photo of you in a bar with friends, or at your mate’s wedding.
  • Wrote a generic statement like “I like shopping and going to the cinema” in your profile.
  • Started talking to bad matches in the chat.
  • Sat back and let people come to you (instead of you finding them).

You’ve tanked your personal score.

The score the apps use to determine how great you are.

This is why you’re being matched with mediocre men instead of finding your “O.M.G marry me right now” matches sat waiting in your inbox.

Good looking men that make you laugh flowing in your direction only happens in the movies, and to that one girl at school.

The rest of us have to be proactive.
Learning to master online dating is the same as learning anything new. All you need is a guide.As a successful woman you've already got everything you need to master this.

All you need is a step-by-step plan from someone who has all the insider secrets.

The dating equivalent of hiring a personal trainer to improve your performance.

The dating equivalent of hiring a nutritionist to optimise your health.

The dating equivalent of hiring a professional coach to achieve your work goals.

Someone who has applied their 16+ years of expertise in the online dating space, and still consults with some of the world's largest online dating sites and dating brands.

João da Silva
I've been coaching women to help them meet and keep their dream guy for over 16 years.

Ever since I crashed a singles' party when I was a stone broke actor ...

I started chatting to the singles at the bar and found these women were witty, funny and interesting, but when they sat down to chat to a potential date, it all went wrong.

Soon I was sharing the skills I'd learned as an actor to help these women present themselves more confidently, and from there I've developed a toolbox of tips, techniques and strategies that can diagnose and fix all the problems women encounter when dating.

I ended up perfecting this “dating toolbox” online before dating apps existed. When my inbox was flooded and I started getting more dates than I could handle on MySpace, I knew I’d found a system I needed to share. I’ve been obsessed with online dating sites ever since...

I regularly consult with some of the world largest dating sites, and this year I'm working with the U.K. government to assist with the implementation of new dating guidance to promote safety when dating online.

James’s coaching has not only been as insightful as it has been invaluable, I’ve really enjoyed the process. I’ve learned how to be creative with my photos & profile and now I feel very confident about what I have to offer. 

Anne | Glasgow, U.K
Finding and keeping your dream guy is easier than ever when you have a fail proof strategyI developed a 6-step process that helps reset the algorithms and gets you dates with the guys you should have been matched with in the beginning. 

This process fits into the Dating Decoded Framework which gives you all of the tools you need to find, charm and date your perfect match.
mulher com dor nas costas
  • Reset the algorithm so you get matched with guys who are as successful and ambitious as you are.
  • Get a showstopping profile that makes you stand out for all the right reasons.

  • Attract the men you want to meet.
  • Confidently message men who would be a great match.
  • Save buckets of time using a set of filters to delete the time wasters.
  • Develop a solid foundation for fun-filled first dates.
All of these are within reach for you......whether you’re just starting out online dating, or you’ve been stuck in the scroll for years

… but they DO need you to take a systematic approach to online dating.

One that leverages the most up-do-date insider information and over 16 years of experience working with singles dating online.

Here’s the thing…

You don’t want to waste any more time on men that are a bad match.

You can’t afford too. You know the value of your time.

But you also don’t want to miss the joy and fulfilment of meeting your dream partner for life.

And now…

You can save time AND meet the man you deserve.



The most up-to-date system for finding your perfect matches online.

Take action with bitesize video trainings...
 ...and decode online dating in less than 20 minutes a day

10 Passos para Construir um Poderoso Negócio

Module #1: The Reset

You’ll put dating disasters behind you as you start to look strategically at where you want to go.

  • Identify what makes you incredibly dateable so you’ll know your X factor to effortlessly stand out online.
  • Map out what you want from your dream guy so you can focus your approach and identify the best sites to find him.
10 Passos para Construir um Poderoso Negócio

Module #2: How to Shine Online

In this module you’ll build on what you learned in module two as we deep dive into niche sites and start looking at how you can stand out.
  • Discover what “Hook photos” are and why it’s mission critical you have at least one on your profile.
  • Learn the one thing you need to avoid to make your photos feel authentic.
  • Decode what men really want.
  • Discover the secret wants and needs of men online so you can understand what they’re really up to (and what they need to see to swipe right).
10 Passos para Construir um Poderoso Negócio

Module #3: Building Your Magnetic Profile

Now you know what you want to say, you’ll craft a profile that attracts decent dates.
  • Get my proven online dating profile formula and be guided step-by-step through winning profiles so you can get inspired and pull yours together like a pro with your online dating profile formula worksheet.
  • Discover the biggest mistake most women make when they write their profiles and troubleshoot your sentences for tired cliches and masculine words that will turn men off without you realising.
  • Get your man magnet cheat sheet with the words men are most attracted to. You’ll not believe number three!
10 Passos para Construir um Poderoso Negócio

Module #4: How to Get Great Results

Now you’ve got a magnetic profile, you’ll need to know how to filter the men who are interested using my colour-coded flagging system.
This will save your sanity as you’ll ditch the bad matches before wasting your time.
  • Learn how to become pro-active so you can beat the algorithm and find the best men without feeling fear of rejection.
  • Get my list of things to include in your search and the most important things to avoid (you’re definitely searching for at least two of these “red flag” criteria right now).
  • Write messages that get men hooked (including the 36 questions to fall in love cheat sheet)
  • Reply to messages so you come across as calm and collected.
  • Keep momentum going without drawn out text chats using my ideal date screening strategy.
  • Use the exact words you need to use to successfully move out of messages.
10 Passos para Construir um Poderoso Negócio

Module #5: How to Beat The Algorithm to Maximise Your 5* Matches

Now you have your messaging strategy sorted, and a magnetic profile online, you’ll need to know how to get the apps to work for you instead of against you.
  • Learn how the apps determine your desirability.
  • Action your reset so the app can regrade you (now you’ve got your new strategy sorted).
  • Implement my dating app strategy to boost your scores and maximise your 5* matches.
  • You’ll also learn advanced strategies including:
  • The ONLY time you should use text messaging and the kind of things you should say.
  • How to “do” flirty banter (and why you’re already an amazing flirt).
10 Passos para Construir um Poderoso Negócio

Module #6: Making the Right Impression Offline

You’ve learned how to seamlessly move from search and now you’re meeting in “real life”. In this module you’ll learn how to make the right impression offline.
  • Find out how to make the right impression.
  • Identify the perfect location for your first date (it’s definitely not going for coffee).
  • Learn how to move from the first date to the second date seamlessly.
  • Learn how to let a guy down gently if he’s not the right match (or you’re unsure).
  • Strategies for keeping up the momentum and how to identify whether he is “the one”.

- Plus Personalised Feedback -
Get direct access to me in our very private, invitation-only community...for as long as you need it.

CORPO: Alimentação e Fitness

Post questions so you can confidently respond in the chat

VIDA: Prosperidade e Produtividade

Learn how different messaging strategies are working for other women

MENTE: Saúde Quântica

Get feedback from me on your photos and your profile

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" I wish I had come across a course like this sooner! The training programme is broken down into an easy step-by-step guide to accompany you through the dating journey. "

Aruna | Glasgow, U.K.

Dating Decoded 30 Day Guarantee

I’m so confident that this system will work for you, I’m making this an easy yes.

Join now and you’ll get 30 days to test out this system, and if at the end of this you don’t feel like you’ve increased the quality of your matches, we can undo this and you’ll get a full refund.


What Date Decoders want to know before they join...

Will this work for me?

The strategy I share with you in Dating Decoded will work for anyone who is prepared to follow the step-by-step plan.

Saying that, there are a few times when this is not the best investment right now.

If you’re trying to get your ex back, this programme isn't for you. That requires a different approach.

If you have recently separated from your partner or have been widowed and still feel high levels of emotional pain and grief, this probably isn't the best time for you either. Come back when you have had time to process your feelings and start to heal. I’ll be here when you’re ready.

Do I have to contact men? 

The first module will help you build your self-esteem back up. You haven’t failed because the good men didn’t click on you, your profile didn’t even make it into their feed.

By the time I ask you to contact men you’ll be ready. With a rockstar profile and a messaging cheat sheet you’ll be looking forward to chatting with men you want to date.

What if it doesn't work for me?

I get that you’ve probably tried things like this before. In Dating Decoded we have an invitation-only Facebook group where I’ll be hanging out daily Monday to Friday… and occasionally on a weekend. So if you aren’t getting the results you are hoping for, we’ll troubleshoot it.

You can post your profile, or messages for feedback and review.

What makes this any different to anything else?

Nowhere else do you get the equivalent of an insider’s handbook handbook from someone who has successfully worked with 10,000+ singles showing you how these dating sites work .

Plus you get direct access to me, unlimited and ongoing for a one-off fee. There aren’t many programmes out there where you get an expert on demand without paying by the minute.

How long will this take?

Let me ask you this… how long do you waste scrolling through bad matches?

Going on dates that don’t go anywhere?

Figuring out what to type?

I can save you hours every week. And the time investment from you? 6 hours total. You’ll need to do your “homework” on top of this time, but you’ll be able to consume the whole content of this course in a weekend.

You could be on your first great date by next Saturday.

Is this really risk free? 

Absolutely. You have thirty days to implement this system and see if it works. If you don’t think you’ve made any progress then drop me an email and I’ll send you a refund with no questions asked.

I don't want you to miss the opportunity to connect with the guy you’ve been looking for when you beat the algorithm and start ranking better in the feed.

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You think bad matches are wasting your time... 
here's the truth.
Women dating online without a clear strategy end up on a treadmill, sifting through an inbox of mediocre matches.

These women:

… keep logging into their app to find an inbox full of men that are poor matches. Trudging through the disappointing list of daily defeats, swiping repeatedly → delete.

… keep going on boring dates to feel like they're getting somewhere, when really they're just getting by.

… keep hoping for a match that will never come. Their daily slog through the list of “matches” is the equivalent of rooting through the discount bin in Primark.

Let's not even got there.

And if you're here already, let's airlift you out A.S.A.P.

You should be racing up the rankings with your upgraded profile, confidently messaging your ideal date with a search strategy that works.

Because if you aren’t sweeping along the dating equivalent of Selfridges, you’ll get your money back. There is literally nothing to lose if you join, and everything to gain.

The only risk is you sinking into the depths of defeat staying where you are.

It’s time for you to win at online dating and bring your love life up to the same level of success as the rest of your life.

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What other Dating Decoders had to say...

"I’d become jaded with the whole internet dating experience and didn’t know what to do next."

James’s coaching has not only been as insightful as it has been invaluable, I’ve really enjoyed the process. I’ve learned how to be creative with my photos & profile and now I feel very confident about what I have to offer.

I’ve also got a huge amount from the small Facebook group. At times being single can feel quite lonely but the encouragement and feedback from the members has made me feel I’m not alone.

Thanks to all who contributed to the group and a special thanks to James – there should be no stopping us now. I’m so glad I signed up!

Myra | London, U.K.

“Two months after first meeting James I met the most amazing guy and now have a really great boyfriend”

When I first went to see James I was fed up with dating, the online dating and going on dates that were just a waste of my time! The advice and guidance he gave was fantastic and completely changed how I was dating and my attitude towards it. Two months after first meeting James I met the most amazing guy and now have a really great boyfriend. I really would recommend going to see James as it really has changed my life for the better!” 

Katherine | London, U.K.

“Dating Decoded brought a dose of fun and lightheartedness to my initial steps in online dating, while also walking me through specific strategies and data points.”

I got divorced about two years ago and hadn't done any dating since, due to the pandemic. Signing up to my first dating website made it clear how much dating had changed since the early 2000s, and I decided to seek some help!

In our initial conversation, James was both personable and pragmatic, and I really liked his insight into the male perspective for online dating. He also helped me think through my dating approach more generally, as he was clearly knowledgeable about the wider market.

James helped me to figure out in which ways I needed to be more open, and in which I needed to be more selective. Dating Decoded brought a dose of fun and lightheartedness to my initial steps in online dating, while also walking me through specific strategies and data points. Saying yes to "a quick chat" with a stranger over the phone, or even a meet-up, felt more manageable.

If you need some encouragement and advice for getting into online dating, I highly recommend James and Dating Decoded. It will save you a lot of time and anxiety!

Kelly | London, U.K.

"I truly enjoy your style, your sense of humor and your pro-active attitude in these modules."

You're doing an inspiring job with this course. I truly enjoy your style, your sense of humor and your pro-active attitude in these modules. I appreciate how you summarize at the beginning and the end of each video and the specific examples you give are very helpful. Most valuable of all for me is your kindness and your light-hearted, positive encouragement.

Tracie | Oregon, U.S.

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